About the Project

This project involves PRT working with the Borough of Dormont and the surrounding communities and stakeholders to develop and implement a station area plan with a new design for the light rail station, needed access improvements on surrounding roads, and equitable and sustainable transit-oriented development (TOD) on PRT and Borough parking lots adjacent to the station. Following the completion of the plan in 2019, the Borough of Dormont amended their Zoning Code to support transit-oriented development surrounding light rail station areas.


June 2023: PRT and its partners are making significant process and realizing the station area plan.

  • In February, PRT posted a Request for Letters of Interest (RFI) for joint development of the TOD components of the station area plan. Letters will inform the release of a Request for Proposals (RFP) later in 2023.
  • In April, PRT was notified that Congressman DeLuzio and Senator Fetterman proposed directing congressional funding to PRT that would cover the cost of the station construction.
  • Station platform design is proceeding and should be at 100% design by early 2024.

Project Components

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  • Station Design

    The station is being redesigned to better serve riders, including improved access for pedestrians, cyclists, and other non-auto users.

  • Transit Access

    Improvements are proposed for access to the station from surrounding areas.

This project addresses the following values from PRT’s long-range transportation plan, NEXTransit, adopted in 2021.

  • Accessible: infrastructure is fully available in every way to those with specific needs, such as physical or mental disabilities, those traveling with infants or small children, and those traveling with groceries or other goods.
  • Affordable: this project makes it easier for those of all means, including the underemployed and unemployed populations, to utilize transit without needing to sacrifice other life sustaining activity, such as buying food, medicine or heating, to do so.
  • Equitable: the project not only ensures the fair provision of services to those with limited means or higher risk, but affirmatively acts to better the services offered to these groups in an effort to combat historical and environmental imbalances in the community.
  • Sustainable: the project enhances the health of communities and the natural environment through its design and operations with regard to energy use, water use, raw material use, land use, and waste production.

The planning and design phases of the project were funded by PRT's Capital Budget. In April 2023, PRT was notified that funding for construction was recommended by Congressman DeLuzio and Senator Fetterman, however, this funding has not yet been awarded.

Borough of Dormont, PennDOT District 11.

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Review materials from the station area plan and station design process.