We need your input!

We are rethinking where PRT buses should go, and we need your help planning the best possible bus network!

Bus Line Redesign is a comprehensive rethinking of PRT bus routes. The study will consider where, when, and how people travel in and around the region and recommend updates to bus routes to better serve all of Allegheny County.

Many of the bus routes in our region date back several decades, and in many cases don’t serve the Allegheny County of today. In 2021, we completed our 25-year long-range plan, NEXTransit. The public told us one of our top priorities should be to design an updated bus network that better serves our communities, especially our most transit dependent riders.

The global pandemic that began in 2020 has profoundly changed the way people go about their lives. Our network is still designed to take people to and from downtown Pittsburgh, but traditional commuting patterns have changed significantly. Meanwhile, the system lacks service that links neighborhoods together, and certain areas of the county have no access to transit.