About the Project

This project will involve PRT working with the Borough of Wilkinsburg, the surrounding communities, and stakeholders to improve the existing Hamnett Station, located along the Martin Luther King Jr. East Busway in Wilkinsburg. The resulting plan will include a conceptual design for a new Hamnett Station. The plan will increase station access by making it easier and safer to get to the station, particularly for pedestrians, cyclists, and non-auto users. Station design will improve so that PRT facilities are more comfortable and easier to use. The process will also seek to understanding what types of community-supported development are possible on PRT-owned property at this site and how to better connect the station to dense development within walking distance of the station.


March 2024: This project is partially funded but not expected to start until late 2024/early 2025. Check back here for the most up to date project timeline.

This project is slated to start in Summer 2024 and will last approximately 9 months. A full project timeline will be added closer to the start of the project.

None at this time.

This project addresses the following values from PRT’s long-range transportation plan, NEXTransit, adopted in 2021.

  • Accessible: infrastructure is fully available in every way to those with specific needs, such as physical or mental disabilities, those traveling with infants or small children, and those traveling with groceries or other goods.
  • Equitable: the project not only ensures the fair provision of services to those with limited means or higher risk, but affirmatively acts to better the services offered to these groups in an effort to combat historical and environmental imbalances in the community.
  • Sustainable: the project enhances the health of communities and the natural environment through its design and operations with regard to energy use, water use, raw material use, land use, and waste production.

The planning stage of this project was funded using PRT’s annual Capital Budget.

These will be determined closer to the project’s start date but are expected to include the Borough of Wilkinsburg.