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PRT is working with the City of Pittsburgh, the surrounding communities, and other stakeholders to improve the existing Herron Station, located along the Martin Luther King Jr. East Busway at the intersection of Polish Hill, Lower Lawrenceville, and the Strip District. The resulting plan will include a conceptual design for a new Herron Station. The plan will improve station access, making it easier and safer to get to the station, particularly for pedestrians, cyclists, and non-auto users. The plan will also improve station design by making PRT facilities more comfortable, easier to use, more sustainable, and more attractive. The final product of this plan will be the 10% conceptual design for a new Herron Station that improves access, increases ridership, and raises the profile of this community asset.

Project Update

September 2023: We are in our second round of community input gathering. We are hosting pop-up info stations in the neighborhoods surrounding Herron Station as well as two online meetings in October. Click on the event name below to learn more about that event.

Engagement Opportunities

Give your input!

We want to hear from you! Give your input online below, attend an upcoming online meeting, or visit us at an in-person pop-up input station.

Upcoming Meetings & Pop-Ups

Click on any of the events below to see event details or register for online meetings.

Tell us what you think!

Review the station redesign concepts below to learn more about proposed changes and improvements. Use the input board below to leave your comments or questions about each concept and let us know which you like best!

Concept A: Concept B:

Concept Plan A: Connect

Create better connections around the station area

  1. New Bus Stop and Public Plaza on Herron Avenue that are separated from each other and extend closer to the outbound platform
  2. Landscaped Hillside that is not publicly accessible
  3. Improved Inbound Stairs within their existing footprint
  4. Steeper Ramp with Native Plants that maintains a slightly larger greenspace area
  5. Covered Canopies along sections of the ramps and stairs

Proposed improvements included in BOTH Concepts A&B:

A. New, Larger Busway Platforms and canopies with enhanced amenities
B. Publicly Accessible Green Space between the ramp and the hillside
C. Renovated Downing Street Stairs integrated into the plaza area
D. Potential Community Parklet/Open Space along Downing Street
E. Renovated Herron Ave Bridge in coordination with DOMI for a better pedestrian experience
Concept B: Integrate
Prioritize the experience of the station area

  1. New Public Plaza and Bus Stop on Herron Avenue that are integrated and extend farther along Herron Avenue
  2. Terraced Stairs to outbound station platform
  3. Extended Inbound Stairs would be improved and extended to the platform
  4. Retaining Walls with Public Art along multiple switchback ramps
  5. Uncovered Ramp and Outbound Stairs with no shade/canopies

Station Area and what we heard during the first round of engagement

Scroll through the images below to see the proposed elements for the station area, and design elements in response to input gathered during the first round of public engagement.

Give your comments on the design concepts

Leave your comments below on the proposed station area plan concepts: What do you like about the proposed improvements? What might be missing? What amenities would improve your experience while at or on your way to the station? This comment section will be open through the end of October. We will then compile the comments and develop a final design concept. (max 140 characters).

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28 September, 2023

jayjaywalker3 says:

I prefer concept A due to improved bike accessibility. Make sure there's a curb cut to Herron. Bike share would be great (closer than penn)

28 September, 2023

Anonymous says:

I prefer concept A due to improved bike accessibility. Make sure there's a curb cut to Herron. Bike share would be good.

27 September, 2023

Anonymous says:

I support any concept with more greenspace

27 September, 2023

Anonymous says:

I prefer this concept

27 September, 2023

Anonymous says:

The buses don't always stop, even when a stop is requested. I don't even try to use the stop anymore. Make sure the buses actually stop

27 September, 2023

Anonymous says:

Keep the fruit trees around the station, and the beautiful maples

27 September, 2023

Anonymous says:

The new shade structures at are not good enough. Make sure better ones are put in here.

27 September, 2023

Anonymous says:

I'm concerned about the maintenance of the proposed parklet

27 September, 2023

Anonymous says:

traffic calming at Herron Ave. It's not safe for pedestrians

27 September, 2023

Anonymous says:

I'd like to see a farmers market

27 September, 2023

Anonymous says:

More high density, low income housing

27 September, 2023

Anonymous says:

Make the app better

This project addresses the following values from PRT’s long-range transportation plan, NEXTransit, adopted in 2021.

  • Accessible: infrastructure is fully available in every way to those with specific needs, such as physical or mental disabilities, those traveling with infants or small children, and those traveling with groceries or other goods.
  • Equitable: the project not only ensures the fair provision of services to those with limited means or higher risk, but affirmatively acts to better the services offered to these groups in an effort to combat historical and environmental imbalances in the community.
  • Sustainable: the project enhances the health of communities and the natural environment through its design and operations with regard to energy use, water use, raw material use, land use, and waste production.

The planning stage of this project was funded using PRT’s annual Capital Budget.

Polish Hill Civic Association, Lawrenceville United, Lawrenceville Corporation, Strip District Neighbors, City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission.

To date we have held one online meeting and seven in-person pop input tables in surrounding communities. Please see below for the results of what we have heard from you so far.

Watch the meeting recording or download the slides here


This project started in May 2023 and is expected to last approximately 9 months.
  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Spring 2023

    • Existing Conditions Analysis Begins
    • Public Outreach Round #1: Station Visioning
  • Timeline item 2 - active

    Fall 2023

    • Design Concept Development
    • Public Outreach Round #2: Design Concepts
  • Timeline item 3 - incomplete

    Winter 2023

    • Final Concept Design & Recommendations
    • Public Outreach Round #3
    • Project Wrap up

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